Copy of Malmo

Copy of Malmo


Dimensions: 2’4” x 3’10”

This is a lovely rug, handwoven on a wooden loom by an artisan in the Swedish countryside. It was discovered with a designer's eye, in Sweden and brought to the US to find a new home. 

The color palette is made of soft Swedish blues, soft warm pinks and other neutrals accented by reds and dark blues. The dark blue bands at each end with red accents adds a feeling of strength and a foundation at each end for the rug.

Beautifully and skillfully woven, this is an original, one-of-a-kind design. It is a piece that can brighten up any area in the home and can tie-in with home furnishings or with artwork. This rug has a lovely visual texture and a sort of casual elegance.

This rug is reversible and hand washable in cold water.

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