How to design with Swedish Rugs

Swedish rugs can abide in any room, nook, wall and passageway in your home. Collect the pieces you fall in love with - there will always be a perfect spot for one!

See, below, the many ways to use handwoven Swedish rugs in your home as a textural, colorful, subtle design or featured element in your home. Start your own collection of Swedish rugs. When I started collecting Swedish rugs many years ago, I would buy one on a trip to Scandinavia and never knew where I would put it. Once home, there was always a place for it. 

Change is good. Move a rug to different areas in your home when the mood strikes. It's one of the best ways to give your home's decor a fresh perspective. 

Swedish Rugs in Modern Interiors

Swedish Rugs Around the Home

Swedish Rugs Used In Unexpected Ways

CASE STUDY: How To Use Our Rugs In The Kitchen

"The kitchen is the place where all five senses reside"    - Susan Serra, CKD

This kitchen was designed by me, Susan Serra, certified kitchen designer, co-founder of Scandinavian Made. Take a look how, just in the kitchen, our rugs serve so many purposes, both aesthetic and functional. Our rugs:

  • are soft underfoot in front of any or multiple work areas
  • define specific work areas
  • add abundant visual warmth
  • contribute to the color story of the kitchen design
  • add a textural story to the kitchen design
  • protect flooring from spills at kitchen work areas (they are washable!)
  • they are reversible, adding years of use
  • the older they get, the better they look
  • provide definition to the geometry of the kitchen design
  • so easy to change depending on mood, season or to nudge the design toward one style or another
  • perfect for that cozy, "hygge" feeling

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