Scandinavian Made Version 2.0 Is Here!

Three years ago my daughter, Kelly Donovan and I co-founded Scandinavian Made in a burst of excitement and energy! I traveled to Denmark to select handmade rugs and ceramics made by the artisans themselves which were exclusive to our web shop. Our pieces were met with enthusiasm and we had a lot of fun building the brand. Life intervened in a number of ways for both of us (enter Kelly's child #2, Annabelle, now 3 years old as one awesome life event) and Scandinavian Made was placed on the back burner, gently simmering. 

Fast forward to today. On a trip to Denmark and Sweden some months back, I was ready to once again move forward with Scandinavian Made. In a completely unexpected burst of passion, my simmering love affair with Swedish rugs burned stronger than ever to the point where I spent many hours with my rug whisperer in Sweden and selected close to 200 rugs to make their way to new homes in the U.S. 


I was fully in a zone of bliss, being surrounded by these beautiful rugs. The process of handling each one felt like a privilege as I thought about the woman (usually) who made it. It felt quite intimate, to connect in a small but profound way with the weaver. It was a thrill and my passion for these rugs only grew.

Scandinavian Made is now on the high setting and on the front burner! I am in the process of working hard to get this collection of rugs on to the site. You will see this progress over time, beginning later this week. Stay tuned for these handwoven beauties. 

Kelly has made an interesting discovery along the way - like the talented weavers of our Swedish rugs, she, too, loves to have busy hands and has started her own brand Sewing Seeds. Please take a look at her beautiful collection of children's clothing, each piece handmade by Kelly. Kelly continues to contribute her smart, savvy and stylish insight to the brand we built together.

Lots of news to follow. Thank you for visiting Scandinavian Made!

Susan SerraComment