Capturing Our Rugs In Natural Light

When you’re a small business, you find new ways of doing things. With 300 rugs in our collection and the desire to showcase our rugs as accurately as possible, photography is critical. In this case, the deck on top of the garage comes to the rescue!

Situated 10 feet or so above the driveway, one at a time, a rug is placed on to white boards to come close to a white background for later editing. Sometimes, a child hangs around and makes chalk drawings!

black white blue rug 2.jpg

Why do we photograph our rugs like this? It’s all about natural lighting. Shooting outdoors provides the most perfect light. One helper is at the ground level to lay out each rug, one to roll it up and then on to the next! Later, they are processed and the end result is the image below.

black white blue rug.jpg

Of course, indoor lighting is always different in each home, but starting out with natural lighting provides a true representation of color. To shoot these stunning rugs is all pleasure and no pain, especially having the ability of viewing them in their entirety from above. So fun.

Susan SerraComment