Swedish Rugs In Children's Rooms


Swedish rugs, those soft, colorful, practical rugs, handmade with love, are ideal for children’s rooms. Children can be at best - curious, and at worst, well, messy! Having a Swedish rug in a child’s room is ready for whatever kids can can (literally) throw at it.

Here’s why they are the perfect accessory for kids’ rooms.

First, they are beautiful! Whatever the theme for the nursery or older boy’s or girl’s room, a Swedish rug will complement the design of the room. Bright and bold, soft and pastel, multi colored or just one or two colors, the possibilities for coordinating with the design of the room is endless.


They are super durable! Swedish rugs, especially in a busy pattern will hide problems like small stains and little fabric pulls that occur over time. But, feel free to wash your rug to keep it fresh and clean. You can always turn it on the opposite side too, since nearly all Swedish rugs are reversible! They are ideal for the wear and tear that kids give them over the years. Perfect, too, for a baby to play on!



Along with durability comes longevity, to the point where Swedish rugs can last for, wait for it, 100 years or more and simply gain a beautiful vintage, timeworn look. Plan on giving baby his/her rug when he/she has their own child! They are made to be heirlooms.

Swedish handwoven rugs are the best of all worlds for children’s rooms!

Susan SerraComment